xserver and enlightenment issues

Keith Packard keithp@keithp.com
Mon, 24 Nov 2003 10:16:44 -0800

Around 1 o'clock on Nov 24, Matthew Hawn wrote:

> First, without the composition manager, child windows
> are full of garbage and in 32 bits, lots of color
> problems.

Hmm.  This works for me OK now; perhaps the server has improved enough in 
it's support for depth 32 windows; I know I've fixed a lot of bugs in this 
area when no compositing manager is running.

> With the composition manager, everything goes black
> except the cursor, which still responds to windows. If
> you can manage to find a resize handle, the resize
> guidlines do get drawn

Well, that's to be expected -- enlightenment happens to find the depth 32 
visual and get excited about it.  Unfortunately, that depth 32 visual has 
alpha bits in the upper 8 bits that enlightenment doesn't understand.  
Leaving those zero makes for some pretty transparent windows, hence you 
see the background.

xcompmgr did have a bug where enlightenment set the _XSETROOT_ID property 
to 0 which caused it to kinda lose when drawing the background.  That was 
easy enough to fix though.

I have a hacked up xlib which discards depth 32 visuals; using that makes 
enlightenment work reasonably well.  Of course, the right fix is to make 
it understand those visuals and "do the right thing".  It shouldn't take 
very much work to make Eterm really be translucent, and to fix the 
thumbnail window.  Sample code for another thumbnail viewer can be found 
in /cvs/xapps/uncover.  That crashes the server when E is running 
right now though.  Time to go debug some more :-)